Star Wars The Vintage Collection Jabba's Sail Barge (The Khetanna)


For years, Star Wars fans have yearned for the creation of Jabba's Sail Barge to add to their collections but couldn't due to no availability in the uk or Europe, Dark Side Toys Decided thats not fair and took it on ourself to bring it to uk & Europe.
With your support, the time has come to back this project. With intricate detailing, premium materials, superior functionality and grandiose size, it is poised to be one of the most sought after, must-have items in the Star Wars collection. who wouldn't want one of these in your collection, Modern or vintage collector.

Approximate Product Specifications
Total length: 49.35"
Total width: 14.64"
Total height (to top of sails): 17.01"
Total weight: 13.89 lbs



This includes Shipping of artwork book in April 2018 if successfully Funded. Delivery of the Sail Barge Directly to your door via courier in February 2019 And All Customs And Taxes due on it in the UK, please note additional payment may be needed for international booklets if they don’t fall into the zone 1 shipping. 

United Kingdom  £599.99
ermany  £599.99
France  £599.99
Netherlands  £599.99
Belgium  £599.99
Luxembourg  £599.99
Republic of Ireland  £599.99
Austria  £599.99 
Denmark  £599.99
Italy  £599.99
Czech Republic  £599.99
Spain  £599.99
Slovakia  £599.99 
Finland  £599.99
Portugal  £599.99
Sweden  £599.99
Poland  £599.99
Estonia  £599.99
Hungary  £599.99
Slovenia  £599.99
Croatia  £599.99
Latvia   £610.00
Greece  £610.00 
Romania  £610.00
Bulgaria  £610.00
Lithuania  £610.00

Below Extra Charges Apply Due to customs in country 

Switzerland  £635.00
Iceland  £635.00
Norway  £635.00
This is a lot of money We are offering plans for customers if they can't afford one upfront. eg Pay for your the khetanna and then pay the customs and shipping in February 2019. Example United Kingdom price is £599.99 you would pay £365.00 to secure the barge and then £236.99 for shipping and customs that would be due in February 2019. *please note if there is any additional payments required a invoice will be sent to pay remaining balance, but as it stands of 16/03/2018 the price has been confirmed by all parties involved.



Q. How does this work ?

A. We are acting as a third party purchaser on behalf of any purchasing client we secure the stock via HasLab and sent it via our network to uk and Europe.

Q. What happens if this project doesn't go forward and doesn't get the backers

A.  with this being a kickstarter project we totally understand this refunds would be issued via payment method of 100% purchased price.

Q. is my money protected

A. Yes you are covered by the paypal goods and services

Q. What if I need help with my order or any more infromation

A. We have set up a dedicated email address to help customers email us at: thekhetanna@darksidetoys.co.uk

Q. How do I order ?

A.we will be offering orders on www.darksidetoys.co.uk from 7pm onwards uk time with two option full payment or part payment.

Q.  is there a limit to how many I can order ?

A. Absolutely not more the better

Q. Why is this so expensive ?

A. we have worked with all our current suppliers to make this happen but due to size and weight was our biggest problem and shipping is the biggest cost including customs of such a high value product, we have also had to put in extra people to help us manage this in America so we make sure there is no damage and product arrives 100% because we are collectors also and know how much people want this to arrive in best shape possible, that why we have a dedicated team dealing with this.

Q. Why is shipping the same price in uk & France for example ?

A. We are lucky to have a worldwide shipping company who can offer the same price to uk and Europe without them losing out.

Q. Paying upfront sounds risky am I covered ?

A. Yes you are 100% Paypal protected that covers you to the backing deadline and once you have placed a order a confirmation email will be sent confirming your order from Haslab.com

Q. What if my barge is damaged or lost 

A. We reserve the right to cancel and refund the barge in full. 

We hope we have covered everything but if there isn't contact us on facebook or via the dedicated email. 





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